Elephant Project


The Interactive Elephant Shower Project involves design and construction of a very large environmental sculpture consisting of several different water effects that are controlled by elephants.


A few major features include an overhead system of large multi-function shower heads suspended over a pool. There is a large curtain of water that forms an entryway. On either side of the main structure are mechanical devices that allow the elephants to control and interact with the water effects. Also there are two large water cannons that the elephants can use to squirt each other or people who are watching.




Detail showing interactive devices



The shower is intended be used as the commercial production site for a TV advertising campaign that combines product recognition and value with information about the need for wild elephant conservation.


Project logo designed by Don Martin, St. Augustine, Florida




Detail of model


Small scale model of project

The sponsor will be rewarded with enhanced public image and increased product sales through significant unpaid media exposure that is attracted to this unique combination of advertising, environmental conservation, animal behavior, and public art. The prestige and media attention gained from the sponsorship of significant public art will further add to PR and advertising benefits. And the site offers excellent direct market exposure as well.